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Thanks Senator Boozman

As we are all either trying to wind our way down to the new year or get those last couple of presents squared away, Washington, DC was at it again trying to spend away the future. The good news is that Senator Boozman kept his promise to preserve spending limits. We hope that you take [...]


Time to, once again, raise the debt ceiling?

February 17, 2012 J

Read the full story by clicking here.

The United States Department of Treasury will reach the the statutory limit it is allowed to borrow money before election day, according to a new study by Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio., former director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.

“Following the contentious debt ceiling last August, President Obama promised that he would take action to address the country’s fiscal crisis. He has failed to do that," Portman said. "In fact, his new budget increases spending and projects that Washington will be hitting the debt ceiling again in mid-October – burning through a $2.1 trillion debt limit increase in just over 14 months."

The Progressive Legacy: Part III

February 16, 2012 J

Part 3 of the Thomas Sowell series from Townhall.com. Click here to see parts one and two.

The same presumptions of superior wisdom and virtue behind the interventionism of Progressive Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson in the domestic economy also led them to be interventionists in other countries.

Theodore Roosevelt was so determined that the United States should intervene against Spain's suppression of an uprising in Cuba that he quit his post as Assistant Secretary of the Navy to organize his own private military force -- called "Rough Riders" -- to fight in what became the Spanish-American war.

President’s Budget Shows Feds Can’t Create ObamaCare ‘Exchanges’

February 15, 2012 J

[img_assist|nid=26518|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=200]Interesting. Governor Mike Beebe and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel should really start paying attention.

According to Politico Pro [$]:

More than $860 million of President Barack Obama’s proposed $1 billion increase in the CMS budget will go to building the federal exchange, acting [Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services] Administrator Marilyn Tavenner said during a budget briefing at HHS on Monday.

This funding is necessary in part because the amount originally appropriated for the federal costs of implementing the Affordable Care Act — $1 billion — is expected to be gone by the end of this year, HHS officials said.

The Progressive Legacy: Part II

February 15, 2012 J

Thomas Sowell authors an informative series on progressive theory and history. Thanks to Townhall for publishing it!

Editor's note: This is Part II in a series. Part I can be found here.

"Often wrong but never in doubt" is a phrase that summarizes much of what was done by Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the two giants of the Progressive era, a century ago.

Their legacy is very much alive today, both in their mindset -- including government picking winners and losers in the economy and interventionism in foreign countries -- as well as specific institutions created during the Progressive era, such as the income tax and the Federal Reserve System.

More Budget Scrutiny for State Agencies? Why, Yes, Let’s Have Some of That!

February 14, 2012 J

Kinkade does it again. Paging DF&A. Again... paging DF&A. I'm sure you would agree it's essential we all know where our tax dollars go. Transparency - it's what's for dinner this fiscal session.

Erroneous headline alert! Erroneous headline alert! A story over at the Arkansas News Bureau reports that “After Forestry Commission flap, state agencies’ budgets to get more scrutiny.” I’m sure that “more scrutiny” was supposed to read “some scrutiny,” since it’s hard to believe most of these state agencies get any scrutiny at all.

Now that the financial shenanigans at the troubled Arkansas Forestry Commission have been flushed into the open and the appropriate heads have rolled (Forestry Director John Shannon, RIP), the realization is settling in that the mismanagement at that agency may not be an isolated case.

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