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Help yourself — and your neighbors!

January 31, 2014 J,

How to prepare for a very bad day… ACTION ALERT To all Arizona Health Care Consumers, Thanks to the Direct Pay Price health care transparency reform bill that AFP-Arizona activists helped pass last year in the Arizona Legislature, you can now help yourself — and your friends, family members and neighbors — at the very [...]

Benjamin Rush Foundation on Direct Pay Hospital Prices

January 26, 2014 J,

Thanks to our friends at the Benjamin Rush Foundation for this explanation of how Arizona activists can make a difference by exercising their rights and demanding price information under the health care Direct Pay price transparency reform passed in the 2013 legislative session! For the first time, Arizona requires that hospitals, doctors, urgent care centers, [...]

Go where the action is!

November 29, 2013 J,

If you’ve ever heard us speak about grassroots activism, you’ll know that one of our big take-aways is for taxpayer activists to go where the action is. Right now, Americans for Prosperity is doing some heavy citizen education efforts in Congressional Districts 1 and 2 There are tens of thousands of citizens in those districts who are [...]

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