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Buyer Beware: ObamaCare Means Access to Fewer Doctors

March 20, 2014 J,

 Buyer Beware: ObamaCare Means Access to Fewer Doctors (Click HERE for a printable pdf version.) AFP-Arizona believes that everyone in Arizona should have high-quality, affordable health insurance.  But that’s precisely why ObamaCare is a bad deal for most Arizonans.  Here are some points health care consumers need to consider before enrolling in ObamaCare: •  ObamaCare exchange or [...]

Small Business Bill of Rights — Week of Feb 3

January 31, 2014 J,

AZ COMMITTEE ACTION ALERT HB 2260 — The Small Business Bill of Rights. Sponsored by Rep. Tom Forese, this bill will be heard by the House Commerce Committee on Wednesday, February 5 at 10:00 am. It would create a list of protections for all business owners and require regulatory enforcement agencies to publicize them. We [...]

Thanks to everyone who came out to McNary!

December 04, 2013 J,

  December 3, 2013  AFP-Arizona thanks everyone who came to McNary today to see the documentary Wolves in Government Clothing and to talk about the problems with the Endangered Species Act and the wolf reintroduction program. Thanks to Doyle Shamley and David Spady for organizing, to all of the great speakers, and to Supervisor Sylvia Allen, [...]

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