Send Us Your Regulatory Horror Story

The regulatory state affects us all, whether we realize it or not. And sometimes, the regulatory behemoth at the federal, state and local levels can ruin people’s livelihoods. The classic example of nonsensical local regulation is requiring children to apply for a city permit to sell homemade lemonade. Two sisters in Texas tried to raise […]

Vote NO on the Phoenix Union budget override!

VOTE NO on the Phoenix Union Budget Override! Phoenix Union Needs to Get More Money into its Classrooms! CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE FLYER: Phoenix Union District OVERRIDE Oct 2015 D1 Phoenix Union School District needs to get more money into its classrooms, and stop wasting money on bureaucratic overhead. We are urging taxpayers to […]

AFP-AZ LD 18 Scorecard Page

Dear LD 18 (Ahwatukee/Tempe/Chandler) Taxpayer– Your LD 18 Legislators got mixed results on the 2015 Legislative Scorecard released by the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity. The scorecard is the 31st annual legislative report card published by AFP-Arizona and its predecessor organization, the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers. Rep. Jill Norgaard 2015 Score = 82 percent […]