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Energy and Environmental Issues in the 2014 Session

January 30, 2014 J

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity’s grassroots lobbying team is keenly interesting in issues related to energy and the environment.  One of the bills we are tracking in 2014 is a proposal to eliminate the sales tax on energy inputs for manufacturers.  AFP-Arizona supports an across-the-board reduction or elimination of those taxes on energy, [...]

Freedom fighters: Legislative action starts now!

January 25, 2014 J,

ACTION LINK BELOW To all Arizona Freedom Fighters– The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity’s mission is to defend Arizona’s taxpayers, families, producers and consumers against the predations of Big Government and its crony-capitalist allies. To accomplish that mission, we need to mobilize grassroots activists like YOU to encourage your elected representatives to support pro-free [...]

Thanks to everyone who came out to McNary!

December 04, 2013 J,

  December 3, 2013  AFP-Arizona thanks everyone who came to McNary today to see the documentary Wolves in Government Clothing and to talk about the problems with the Endangered Species Act and the wolf reintroduction program. Thanks to Doyle Shamley and David Spady for organizing, to all of the great speakers, and to Supervisor Sylvia Allen, [...]

Wolves in our midst? December 3 — McNary

November 29, 2013 J,

  Do we need to keep our kids in cages to protect them from wolves? Yes — if radical environmentalists keep getting their way.  On Tuesday, December 3, don’t miss the opportunity to find out how environmental extremists are using the Endangered Species Act to let wolf populations overrun Arizona communities. Beginning at noon on December 3, [...]

AFP-Arizona supports deregulation of Arizona’s electrical markets

August 19, 2013 J,

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity favors full deregulation of electrical generation, transmission and consumption.  Ideally, all portions of the grid should be deeded back to the companies that built them (understanding that those companies did receive heavy subsidies and risk abatement for their investors), with the only remaining regulatory functions of the Arizona [...]

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