Needed: 300 Spartans

November 18, 2015J,

Dear Arizona Taxpayer: This is where we hold them. This is where we fight. The 2016 legislative session is coming up quickly and we want you to be a part of an army of activists who will push our State Legislature to support free-market policy reforms. We need to cut taxes, reduce government spending, expand […]

Who is responsible for raising your property taxes?

October 08, 2015J,

  Maricopa County Treasurer Hos Hoskins made headlines with the policy letter he included with recent property tax bills for Maricopa County residents. Hoskins has re-opened an interesting policy debate about the extent to which property tax burdens have been shifted from business property taxpayers to residential property taxpayers (or vice-versa, depending on your point […]

Help us fight the Prop 104 tax increase in Phoenix!

August 17, 2015J,

SORRY!  WE LOST THIS ONE!   READ OUR THANK YOU MESSAGE HERE.       Help us fight the Prop 104 tax increase in Phoenix! AFP-Arizona’s field teams are going door-to-door and doing phonebanking in Phoenix, urging voters to get out to vote NO Proposition 104.  INFO ABOUT TAKING ACTION BELOW. MAIL-IN BALLOTS:  Please get […]