AFP-Arizona’s 2015 State Legislative Agenda

December 16, 2014J,

AFP-Arizona 2015 State Legislative Objectives Updated 12-15-2014 Click HERE for a printable PDF version. AFP-Arizona’s state legislative policy plan for this year is outlined below and in the scoring rubric for our 2014 Legislative Scorecard, shown on Page 2 of the printable PDF version. The 2015 scorecard will be the 31th annual scorecard put out […]

Legislator of the Year Award Presentation — Dec 10

December 04, 2014J,

On December 10, at a cocktail party hosted by our sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, AFP-Arizona will present its Legislator of the Year award to Rep. Justin Olson (R-Mesa). Rep. Olson earned the highest score on AFP-AZ’s 2014 Legislative Scorecard, which was the 30th annual scorecard put out by AFP-Arizona and the Arizona Federation […]

Rep. Justin Olson of Mesa earns highest score on 2014 Taxpayer Scorecard

November 10, 2014J,

Dear LD 25 (Mesa) Taxpayer, Today the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP-Arizona) released its 2014 Legislative Scorecard, which grades 300 bills and weights them according to their projected dollar impact to Arizona taxpayers, consumers and producers. This year’s Scorecard is the 30th annual legislative report card published by AFP-Arizona and its predecessor organization, […]

AFP-AZ Recommendations on 2014 General Election Ballot Propositions

AFP-Arizona Recommendations on 2014 General Election Ballot Propositions For a printable PDF version, click HERE STATEWIDE BALLOT PROPOSITIONS — NOV 4, 2014 • Prop 122: Rejection of Unconstitutional Federal Actions Arizona has a major opportunity to strike a serious blow for federalism on the November 2014 ballot. Prop 122 will provide Arizonans with a way to […]