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AFP-Arizona supports deregulation of Arizona’s electrical markets

August 19, 2013 J,

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity favors full deregulation of electrical generation, transmission and consumption.  Ideally, all portions of the grid should be deeded back to the companies that built them (understanding that those companies did receive heavy subsidies and risk abatement for their investors), with the only remaining regulatory functions of the Arizona [...]

AZ electrical ratepayers should not be forced to subsidize rooftop solar

August 15, 2013 J,

AFP-Arizona thanks the Arizona Free Enterprise Club for its work to protect Arizona’s electrical ratepayers from being forced to pay higher rates, via the current net metering system, to subsidize rooftop solar generation.  AFP-Arizona is in favor of reducing the subsidies to rooftop solar in the current net metering system. Below is the Aug 15 statement [...]

It wasn’t all bad news…

July 03, 2013 J,

2013 Legislative Session Update Alert  (07/03/2013) Dear Arizona Taxpayer: As you probably know, Governor Jan Brewer, with the help of Democratic legislators and 14 Republicans, managed to force the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion through the Legislature.  (That battle is not over.  Click here to take action.)  And almost nothing was done during the 2013 legislative session [...]

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