you won round one!

Mar 14, 2014 by AFP

Yesterday, thanks in part to your efforts the unions were dealt a defeat in the Statehouse!

The House passed a bill which will eliminate the exemptions unions currently enjoy from criminal charges like harassment, stalking and threats to use weapons of mass destruction when the actions take place during a labor dispute. The bill next moves onto the Senate.

This is not the only special carve out unions enjoy. As you know, the state government currently collects private sector union dues, political money and PAC money from employee paychecks. Then, the state government writes a check to the unions and the state treasurer signs it. This adds up to millions of dollars in dues every year and millions of dollars in PAC contributions. Isn’t it time we get the state government out of the collections business?! DonateNOW_button

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The answer to this exemption is Paycheck Protection legislation. Please go here to let your Representative know that you support Paycheck Protection!

For too long the unions have maintained unchecked power and exemptions in our Commonwealth. I am proud to report we are pushing back and showing people how much their exemptions are costing the rest of us!

Thank you for your help! It is paying off! If you would like to donate directly to our efforts, please go here.

Thank you for all you do to promote economic prosperity and liberty in Pennsylvania!