The Word is Out: Ralph Northam is Wrong for Virginia and The Washington Post is Taking Notice

Oct 20, 2017 by AFP

Citizens all across the Commonwealth of Virginia are learning more about Ralph Northam’s record as it becomes increasingly apparent that he’s the wrong choice for Virginia.

On Friday, The Washington Post detailed AFP’s ongoing grassroots effort to educate Virginians on Northam’s bad record of increasing taxes, denying families access to education savings accounts and mismanaging taxpayer dollars.

According to The Post:

[AFP’s]  latest push includes a mailer that blasts Northam for supporting an increase in taxes on sales, gasoline and home and car purchases.

Americans for Prosperity is also launching a digital video featuring a charter school administrator criticizing Northam for voting against a bill to establish “educational savings accounts” that allow parents who remove children from public schools to receive 90 percent of the state funding that would have been spent on their child. They would be able to use the funds for private-school tuition, tutoring, books and other educational costs.

AFP activists have already contacted hundreds of thousands of Virginians through phone banking and canvassing, and now our grassroots volunteers are gearing up for the final push ahead of the Nov. 7 election. All weekend, freedom fighters will be pounding the pavement in their neighborhoods to ensure that every citizen in the Commonwealth knows #WhyRalphIsWrong for Virginia. 

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