Will President Obama scratch me behind my ears?

Apr 17, 2013 by AFP

Under ObamaCare, veterinary ethics will rapidly replace the Hippocratic Oath

As Phoenix surgeon and health care freedom advocate Dr. Jeffrey Singer explained last year in an important article at Reason.com, Big Government is pushing the American medical profession away from the tradition of the Hippocratic Oath and toward a brave new world in which health care will be dispensed according to a veterinary ethic.

Under the Hippocratic Oath, doctors must follow an ethic of doing what they believe is in their patients’ best interests. But as Dr. Singer explains, under the veterinary ethic, the interests of the owner-payer are placed ahead of those of the patient. For too many Americans — those on Medicare, Medicaid and veterans’ health care — Big Government is already the payer (and in an important sense, the owner). In the coming world of ObamaCare, many more Americans will be pushed and prodded into government-paid and government-controlled health insurance and health care.

As Dr. Singer explains in a new article at Reason.com, many American doctors are now “going Galt” and leaving the huge areas of the health care system that are controlled by government. That will create even more dire shortages in health care services and lead to increased rationing (or “global budgeting”) of health care services by bureaucratic owner-payers.

As pet owners, when you and I go to the veterinarian, we make veterinary decisions with hearts full of love, as I did when Bradley Poopenstein, my wolfhound-golden mix (see photo), was diagnosed with cancer. With Big Government increasingly playing the role of the owner-payer, we should start wondering how much our owner-payer really loves us and cares about us.

Will President Obama scratch me behind my ears? (I used to do that for Bradley Poopenstein.) And when Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the other members of ObamaCare’s Independent Payments Advisory Board start to dictate global budgets and create longer waiting times for Medicare services, will they keep photos of millions of elderly Americans on their laptop wallpaper?  (I still keep photos of Bradley on my laptop’s wallpaper.)  Will the bureaucrats who design the ObamaCare insurance exchanges mandate coverage of daily fur brushings? (Bradley really enjoyed those.) And will the members of Congress, as they’re deciding how much to cut Medicaid reimbursement rates, mandate a special diagnostic-related group to ensure that patients get fed a steak on their last day? (Bradley got a well-marbled rib-eye, served medium rare.)

The answer to each of these questions is NO. Even if they are very good people (and many of them are), there is no way that bureaucrats and politicians can possibly love us as much as we love our pets — let alone as much as we love our human family members. That is why we cannot allow bureaucrats and politicians to become the owner-payers in a health care system governed by veterinary ethics. We deserve to be in control of the intimate health care decisions that affect ourselves and our families.

Please do everything you can to stop the takeover of American health care by Big Government. You can start by fighting to block the proposed expansion of Medicaid expansion in Arizona under ObamaCare. To learn more about the human side of the Medicaid debate, use this link.

For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity
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