Will Mark Pryor Answer to Constituents for His Bad Policies?

Jul 15, 2014 by AFP

ICYMI: New AFP TV Ad Tells Senator that Bigger Government is Hurting Constituents 

LITTLE ROCK – It’s been a week since Americans for Prosperity released a blistering television ad asking Senator Pryor to stop supporting the failed, big government policies that are  increasing unemployment, taxes, and the cost of living. AFP today asked Senator Pryor to explain himself to the 84,000 Arkansans out of work and the many more struggling with underemployment and higher prices because of his policies.

Go here to view the ad 

“Senator Pryor’s silence speaks volumes. He has made no attempt to justify or explain his on-going support for his votes for ObamaCare, in support of the EPA, and to recklessly increase spending debt,” explained Phoebe Pierpoint, Arkansas Deputy State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “It’s time for Mark Pryor to provide an answer to his constituents explaining why he has voted with President Obama ninety percent of the time.”

The ad is just the latest in Americans for Prosperity’s on-going effort to inform Arkansans about Mark Pryor’s support for big government policies and put pressure on him to change course. AFP is also busy holding phone banks, door knocks and other grassroots events.