Who’ll End Misuse of Welfare Cards?

Feb 24, 2014 by AFP

Bill to Curb Abuse Falls Victim to Partisanship

DENVER – Americans for Prosperity – Colorado, the state’s largest grassroots free-market group, today expressed shock that a bill designed to curb the misuse of welfare debit cards last week failed to gain bipartisan support during a committee hearing. The bill, SB-37,  came in response to mounting recent evidence that welfare benefit cards have been used at pot shops and strip clubs.

“If any bill before the legislature should be able to garner bipartisan support, it’s a bill designed to curb this wasteful misuse of taxpayer money,” said a dismayed Dustin Zvonek, who heads-up the group’s Colorado chapter. “We’ve really reached a bad place when protecting tax dollars can’t get bipartisan support.

According to Denver’s Fox 31 News, which Zvonek thanked for breaking the story, Colorado welfare recipients used benefit cards to withdraw money inside strip clubs and at least two dozen marijuana dispensaries. But when an effort to address the situation was brought before a legislative panel, not a single Democrat on the committee would vote in support.

“This was a huge opportunity for both parties to unify behind a common sense fiscal reform, but some members blew it,” said Zvonek.

Zvonek pointed out that there’s still time in the session to correct this mistake and bring back a bipartisan bill aimed at addressing welfare card misuse, “there is no reason this should be a party line issue, we strongly encourage both Party’s to work together to put an end to this reckless abuse of the welfare system.”

For further information or an interview, please contact Dustin Zvonek at DZvonek@afphq.org or 720.219.1451.