Where’s Wowkanech Protest Rally—Friday, April 11 at Noon in Trenton!

Apr 9, 2014 by AFP

Where’s Wowkanech Protest Rally—Friday, April 11 at Noon in Trenton!

Why Won’t AFL-CIO’s Wowkanech Debate Obama’s Top Issue?

TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity will hold a protest rally outside the AFL-CIO offices in Trenton this Friday, April 11 at 12 noon challenging AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech to step up and debate President Obama’s top issue: income equality and the minimum wage.

“Charles Wowkanech was one of the biggest champions of New Jersey’s minimum wage law,” said Daryn Iwicki, AFP’s state director. “Now that it’s becoming clear how New Jersey’s minimum wage hike is going to hurt New Jerseyans and hurt job creators, Wowkanech is hiding under his desk.”

“Mr. Wowkanech supported this law. He pushed to make it a reality. Now he should step up and defend it to the public.”

President Obama is pushing to increase the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, a move the CBO says would result in up to 1,000,000 lost jobs. Many states are also considering increasing their minimum wage. The New Jersey experience, thus, has national implications.

“The Left says it helps the poor, the right says it harms their chances to get jobs,” Iwicki said. “New Jersey can help American and other states figure out who is right if Wowkanech agrees to debate what has happened in New Jersey.”

“But Wowkanech won’t debate?  Why?”

Employment Policies Institute has sent a mobile billboard and launched a website (CharlesChicken.com) asking Wowkanech why he won’t debate this issue that impacts the unskilled, those who want a first job, and so many businesses that provide — or are no longer providing — entry level jobs.  But he is not responding.

“If Wowkanech believed the increase in the minimum wage has been good for New Jersey, why won’t he debate,” Iwicki asked. “Americans for Prosperity is holding a rally to ask him exactly that. Americans & New Jerseyans need to know: Is New Jersey’s increase in the minimum wage an inspiration or a warning to other states?”

The AFP rally will take place in front of the AFL-CIO’s Trenton offices located at 106 W State St. Friday, April 11 starting at 12 noon.

For more information, please contact Communications Director Mike Proto at 201-400-3666201-400-3666 or by e-mail at mproto@afphq.org.

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