Where does your money go?

May 29, 2014 by AFP

Want to see how your state tax dollars are being spent?
A bill in the Ohio House would allow you to do just that!
HB 175 would establish the Ohio State Government Expenditure Database, a place where you and all hard-working Ohioans could view every penny the state spends.
HB 175, introduced by Representative Mike Dovilla would require the treasurer of the state to maintain a database on his office’s Internet site that would allow all Ohioans free access to the information.  This important move towards increasing government transparency and fiscal accountability is something our current Treasurer, Josh Mandel, is very supportive of as well.
Think it’s time we put the state checkbook online?!
Click here to find your Ohio House Representative and ask them to support HB 175!
Thank you for all that you do to fight for lower taxes, smaller government and increased transparency in the Buckeye State!