What Happened to Renee?

Jun 14, 2016 by AFP

Check out the piece below in The Hill from Americans for Prosperity Luke Hilgemann and NC State Director Donald Bryson regarding our accountability efforts in last week’s North Carolina primary. As Luke and Donald note, it’s not just the votes citizens cast at the ballot box that matter — the votes our Representatives and Senators take in Washington have consequences, too. And as soon-to-be-former Congresswoman Renee Ellmers found out, it is our job to hold elected officials accountable for those votes by educating the American people on their impact:

Following nearly eight years of job-killing and opportunity-crushing policies and regulations coming from Washington, Americans from all walks of life and all 50 states have grown accustomed to one simple axiom: elections have consequences.


Ellmers’ meteoric fall started just four weeks ago when Americans for Prosperity volunteers and activists began an aggressive grassroots campaign aimed at drawing attention to the Congresswoman’s abysmal record in Washington. Sixteen thousand door knocks and 168,000 phone calls later, voters in North Carolina’s second congressional district sent a resounding message to Ellmers and those who will now be her former colleagues in Congress.

The message is a simple one: the American people were serious during the last two  election cycles when they used the ballot box to tell their representatives and senators that Washington is broken. Cronyism, handouts to special interests and runaway spending are no way to change the trajectory of our country and get America back on track.

Read the full oped in The Hill.