Welcome to Day 3 of ObamaCare…

Jan 3, 2014 by AFP

Welcome to Day 3 of ObamaCare  (Jan 3, 2014)

Here is a quick overview from our national policy experts regarding ObamaCare implementation over the last few weeks.

Americans for Prosperity continues to look for stories from our activists who are adversely affected by ObamaCare. Did you lose your insurance, lose your doctor, or have premiums increases? If so, please contact Tom Jenney at tjenney@afphq.org


  • ·         According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 2.1 million Americans have selected a health insurance plan through the federal and state health insurance exchanges.
  • ·         Health insurance enrollment figures, however, do not reflect the number of individuals who have paid for coverage. That measure is unreleased at this time, but only half  are estimated to have paid as of yet based on information from insurers. Most insurers are giving individuals until January 10th to pay for coverage which is backdated to January 1.
  • ·         These figures are well below the 3.3 million the Administration had predicted would enroll by December.
  • ·         An additional 3.9 million individuals learned that they were eligible for Medicaid in states that expanded coverage.

Insurance Coverage:

  • ·         Even for the individuals who have paid for their coverage, there could still be hiccups. Many individuals still must deal with new coverage networks that might or might not cover their doctor. Others will have changes in the costs of prescriptions. Worse yet, some might even find that their insurance paperwork has flaws due to HealthCare.gov glitches meaning they aren’t even insured.
  • ·         To help ameliorate some of these issues, the White House announced that CVS, Walgreens and Walmart will provide up to 30 day prescriptions for individuals whose insurance isn’t in place yet.

Enrollment Efforts:

  • ·         Open enrollment extends until March 31, 2014. We can anticipate supporters, like OFA and Enroll America, will launch large, nationwide efforts over the next 90 days to encourage people to sign up.

Tax Hikes:

  • ·         While ObamaCare contains twenty tax hikes, three went into effect yesterday.

o   Individual Mandate: For individuals that fail to obtain insurance for the year will be subject the individual mandate. In 2014, it is $95 or 1% of Adjusted Gross Income, whichever is greater.

o   Reinsurance Fee: This temporary fee insurance on health insurance helps spread the cost of insurance among insurers. In 2014, the fee is $63 per insurance policy.

o   Insurance Tax: Starting in 2014, health insurers are charged a tax in relation to their share of the market. This tax will raise approximately $8 billion in 2014.