Ways the EPA Rules Will Hurt Nebraskans: Number 5

Jun 30, 2014 by AFP

Number 5: By the EPA’s own accounting, the rules will have little impact on global temperature

What if we told you that the government is going to get rid of your job, increase the cost of your electric bill, make our country less competitive as a whole, and ignore the fact that in your daily life you are reducing pollutants all for a smidge of improvement in 100 years?

Stop laughing us out of the room, it was just a hypothetical; at least from our end.

This is essentially what the EPA rules are offering Nebraskans and their fellow Americans.

By the administration’s own admission, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will do little to prevent global climate change. The EPA’s own climate model, estimates the new policies will prevent .018 ºC of warming by 2100.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board put it this way:  “Based on the EPA’s own carbon accounting,” they wrote, “shutting down every coal-fired power plant tomorrow and replacing them with zero-carbon sources would reduce the Earth’s temperature by about one-twentieth of a degree Fahrenheit in a hundred years.”  That should have taxpayers asking, “Is it worth putting thousands of Americans out of work for such a small and speculative benefit?”

Is that a deal you or your neighbors would take? Probably not.

There you have it; five reasons why the new EPA emission rules will hurt Nebraskans.

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