Ways the EPA Rules Will Hurt Nebraskans: Number 4

Jun 29, 2014 by AFP

Number 4: market forces are already resulting in greater energy efficiency

Did you know carbon dioxide emissions have dropped by more than 12% since 2007 – declining to their lowest levels in twenty years, with carbon intensity reaching its lowest levels ever in 2012? It’s true.

How has this happened? This is thanks in large part to improved efficiency – not heavy-handed government regulations. Additionally, levels of many pollutants, like mercury, have seen drastic reductions.  Like carbon reductions, these lower levels of pollutants are the result of individuals and businesses seeking to lower their costs – not bureaucratic red tape.

Efforts by small businesses and working families to stretch their energy dollars further has resulted in cleaner air for all. That’s because people already have an incentive to invest in new technologies that result in greater savings. There is no need for government to mandate actions the free-market on its own encourages.

You can think of numerous examples in your own life of how you’ve done this. Whether it is choosing to bike to work in the spring and fall to save a few dollars (we all know it is far too hot to bike in the summers around here and biking in the ice and snow looks kind of funny), waiting longer into the season to run your furnace or air conditioner, or whatever it may be, our free-market ways are benefiting the environment.

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