Watchdog Wire: In NC, Patient-Centered Health Care Means Prying Power From Big Hospitals

May 9, 2014 by AFP

In a just published Watchdog Wire report, AFP-NC’s Deputy State Director Donald Bryson explains how reforming Certificate of Need (CON) laws would bring market-driven, patient focused health care reform to North Carolina. Below are some of Bryson’s comments from the article which you read in its entirety here.

“In an interview with Donald Bryson, Deputy Director AFP NC, Watchdog Wire learned that “while most surgeries are outpatient surgeries, a lot of North Carolinians are paying hospital rates, instead of outpatient rates, because hospitals are the only facilities that have the CON to perform these surgeries.”

Bryson gives an example of how changing the laws to allow free standing clinics owned by doctors to increase in number would save patients a great deal of money. He writes, “in 2005, North Carolina gastroenterologists were exempt from the traditional CON assessments to perform colonoscopies. Total savings from this minor CON reform was over $255M in just six years.””Watchdog Wire, May 9th 2014