Wanda: The moment my insurance was cancelled

Mar 13, 2014 by AFP

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The new ad features the story of Arkansas resident Wanda, who recounts the disappointment and anxiety felt when she learned the healthcare plan she was promised she could keep had been cancelled due to the Affordable Care Act.

Now, under Obamacare, if she wants to keep her same level of benefits it will cost her three times as much. This isn’t affordable, nor is it fair. Help everyday Arkansans like Wanda by sharing her story and letting folks know that Obamacare is bad medicine for Arkansas.

Not only is Wanda hurt by Senator Pryor’s decision to support Obamacare, but did you know the average family of four in Arkansas shopping for insurance will face a premium increase of $2,250.72 this year alone? This law hurts families, hurts business, and supporters should be ashamed of the pressure they are putting on Arkansas family budgets.