Walker Shows He’s Fighting for Affordable Energy for Wisconsin

Feb 16, 2016 by AFP

MADISON — Americans for Prosperity- Wisconsin issued a statement thanking Governor Scott Walker after he issued an executive order that keeps his state agencies from succumbing to President Obama’s costly, draconian carbon mandates known as the Clean Power Plan. The group said Governor Walker’s move was in accordance with the Supreme Court’s recent stay and was an effort to fight for affordable and reliable energy for Wisconsinites rather than runaway electricity and heating bills, which make life less affordable across the board.

“Americans for Prosperity – Wisconsin thanks Governor Walker for protecting working families, the elderly, and Wisconsin’s most vulnerable populations from unaffordable electricity and hikes to home heating rates,” said AFP-Wisconsin State Director Eric Bott. “On the jobs front, Governor Walker’s action allows Wisconsin manufacturers to remain competitive nationally and internationally, protecting tens of thousands of family-supporting jobs. The governor deserves high praise for rejecting President Obama’s energy poverty regulations — they’re simply out of touch with the facts on the ground in Wisconsin.”

Bott also noted Wisconsin already bears some of the highest industrial costs in the nation due to previous changes to their plants and overall energy mix.

Americans for Prosperity chapters across the country have been urging state officials to push back on the carbon rules. The organization has consistently applauded the lawsuit that 26 state attorneys general are bringing against the rule, claiming that the Obama administration is overstepping its authority. The United States Supreme Court issued a stay on the rule that relieves states of having to comply with sometimes drastic emissions changes while the matter is litigated in courts. As a result, states no longer face a September deadline to submit a compliance plan, nor do they need to fear a federal plan.

Americans for Prosperity Director of Federal Affairs and Strategic Initiatives Christine Harbin also had the following to say:

“States should follow Wisconsin’s lead in standing up against Washington’s attempt to take over the national electricity market. Significant legal questions surround President Obama’s carbon rule, and states should protect themselves from these costly, dramatic changes until the Supreme Court issues a decision on them. State leaders can promote access to affordable and reliable electricity in their states by opposing efforts to comply in the meantime.”