waiting by the phone

Jun 5, 2014 by AFP

AFP Ohio is in the middle of a massive volunteer effort to spread our message of economic freedom to as many of our friends and neighbors as we can.
Will you join us?
Please reach out to me by emailing jshaw@afphq.org or calling 330-383-1445 to get involved!
We have freedom loving volunteers gathering in the area to make phone calls in the coming weeks to talk about the benefits of economic prosperity and how to get our state and our nation on the right track. We will make phone calls every Monday at our Canfield office, located at 565 East Main St Suite 140, Canfield Ohio 44406, from 5PM to 8PM.
Whatever time you have to give will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way toward reaching our goal of spreading the word about the issues we all care about.
Please reach out to me today so we can work together to protect and advance economic freedom!