These Tweets Show Why Northam’s the Clear Loser in Tuesday’s Virginia Governor Debate

Sep 21, 2017 by AFP

Virginia’s gubernatorial candidates debated each other Tuesday night, and Ralph Northam was the clear loser.

Throughout the debate, Americans for Prosperity-Virginia responded in real-time to Northam’s record and plans – or lack thereof – for Virginia, as part of our efforts encouraging Virginians to vote against Ralph Northam.

Activists from across the state joined in, too, just like these folks in Tidewater:  

Here are a few of the highlights.

Will Northam Show Up for Work?  

Before the debate started, we wondered if Northam would even show up for the debate. All joking aside, Northam’s attendance at Virginia Economic Development Partnership board meetings isn’t funny: He ignored his statutory responsibility to supervise the VEDP’s use of taxpayer dollars, missing 58 percent of the meetings.



While he was missing meetings, a fake Chinese company with a false address ripped-off Virginia taxpayers for $1.4 million, and Northam didn’t even notice. Fortunately, Northam showed up this time. 

Setting Northam’s Record Straight

Throughout the debate, Northam said he was proud of his record as lieutenant governor. And while his answers were often not clear, his record is. AFP-VA set the record straight.  

On taxes, Northam’s record speaks for itself. 


And we still haven’t seen his plan, but we can take a guess.  


Despite talking about the importance of education, his record on providing more options to students with disabilities and low-income families is crystal clear.  



Northam said that talking about the state’s lagging economy would keep businesses away. But it’s his policies as lieutenant governor that are really keeping businesses from coming to Virginia.  



More people are leaving the state than moving in!  


One of the defining moments of the debate came when Northam continued to dodge questions about energy development in Virginia. In the midst of dodging, he actually said “I have been as clear as I can…”!  


While Ralph couldn’t answer a yes or no question, we could answer a few about his record. 


This really sums it all up, doesn’t it?  


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