Trump Administration Will Bring Huge Reform to Energy and Environment

Nov 22, 2016 by AFP

President-elect Donald Trump will bring with him a starkly different policy vision on energy and the environment than his predecessor. In the spirit of “draining the swamp,” the Trump-Pence administration will likely abandon the Obama administration’s economically harmful — and environmentally pointless — regulations in favor of ones that promote job creation and energy affordability and reliability.

First on the chopping block will be the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, a rule forcing states to cut carbon emissions. The president-elect was vocal on the campaign trail about repealing this harmful rule, and his running mate blocked its implementation in Indiana as governor. Other prime targets include the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers’ so-called “Waters of the United States” rule and the EPA’s ground-level ozone rule, which been similarly unworkable in the states and challenged in the courts. All three of these regulations wildly increase D.C.’s control over the private economy and have been shown to have substantial harms to hardworking families.

The U.S. also has several ways to exit the Paris agreement on climate change, and it will be interesting to see which route the president-elect chooses. Perhaps he will use executive action to withdraw or perhaps he will submit it to the Senate to die on the floor. Withdrawing from the Paris agreement will be in the best interest of the U.S. because it would require extreme policy changes that would harm overall economic growth, especially in the manufacturing sector. Like the other regulations instituted by President Barack Obama, the Paris agreement is projected to have little effect on the overall environment.

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