Trenton’s Foreclosure Scheme Returns, Hearing Feb. 20

Feb 17, 2014 by AFP

One of the most outrageous proposals of the last legislative session is back. On Thursday, the Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee will take up the “New Jersey Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act”, Bill (A470). This legislation would authorize the State to borrow billions of dollars to purchase foreclosed homes throughout the state–then use the properties to fill the state’s ‘affordable housing’ quotas, including housing them with so-called ‘special needs’ individuals–among them, drug addicts, ex-cons, sex offenders and homeless people.

AFP fought this bill hard last session by exposing the facts about this offensive and outrageous piece of legislation and will do so again. As a reminder, below is our YouTube ad on this bill.

Hearing details:

Assembly Housing and Community Development
Thursday, February 20, 2014 – 2:00 PM
Meeting – Committee Room 9, 3rd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ.

Contact these committee members now!

Green, Jerry – Chair
Jasey, Mila M. – Vice-Chair
Clifton, Robert D.
Fuentes, Angel
O’Donnell, Jason
Rodriguez-Gregg, Maria