This is unprecedented

May 22, 2014 by AFP

If you haven’t been following the paycheck protection issue in Pennsylvania, I wanted you to know we’ve really done the unprecedented. We’ve taken an issue that few knew about before this year, and we’ve created a groundswell of support.

Talk radio hosts and special guests from around the state have joined our meetings to stand with us, and now Michelle Malkin has agreed to fly out to Harrisburg on June 4 to help push us over the finish line!
Go here to join Michelle and I for a day at the capitol, transportation and lunch are included!
So what is paycheck protection? For Pennsylvania, it means ending the special treatment the government gives to public employee unions: they deduct union dues and political contributions from workers’ paychecks automatically!
Can you imagine if the government deducted a donation to AFP from each of your paychecks?  That would be outrageously unfair!
No other entity gets this kind of help, and it’s time to end it in Pennsylvania! Join Michelle Malkin and I for our biggest push yet. Paycheck protection is the first step to a better Pennsylvania. Go here to register now!
To learn more – go to
See you on June 4!