They Want to Silence You

Feb 25, 2014 by AFP

The proponents of HB 4463 want you to stop making noise about the reckless spending, high taxes, and unfair regulations holding West Virginia back. They want you to get out of the way of their far left agenda.

Are you going to listen to them?

Please take a moment to tell your legislators to vote NO on HB 4463.

Tell them that regardless of their ideology, everyone deserves to have a voice in public affairs.

Tell them that you are a proud, grassroots activist with Americans for Prosperity.

Tell them that there’s no room for playing politics with our freedom of association and speech.

HB 4463 violates the freedom of West Virginians to associate and donate privately to a 501(C)4 organization. Since our nation’s founding, the freedom to participate privately in a social organization has been a staple of our political discourse. The freedom was legally enshrined during the civil rights era and remains important today. No one should fear intimidation because of his membership in an organization or support for a cause.

Tell your legislators that HB 4463 is wrong.

Tell them to apply their energies to cutting wasteful spending and lowering your taxes.

Yours in the fight for freedom,

Wendy McCuskey
West Virginia State Director
Americans for Prosperity