They tried to silence you

May 2, 2014 by AFP
The supporters of a property tax increase that will force taxpayers to fund a third area zoo have tried to silence you.

They even filed a complaint trying to stop our efforts to educate all Franklin County residents on Issue 6. 

Issue 6 will appear on the ballot this Tuesday, May 6 and includes a property tax increase for Franklin County homeowners.  The complaint was REJECTED by the Ohio Elections Commission.

Now it is time for us to do the same and REJECT the call for higher taxes and more spending in Issue 6!

We are working every day to ensure that Franklin County residents understand the facts about this permanent proposed tax hike!  

If you would like to join us, reach out to Baylor Myers at 614-424-9629 or

Central Ohio area is already home to the Columbus Zoo in Powell and The Wilds in Muskingum County and Columbus already has the highest property taxes of any city in the US! 

Voting NO on Issue 6 will not take money away from the existing Columbus zoo.  It will only stop the government from taking more money away from area property owners.  

Aren’t you paying enough in property taxes?!  Are you still struggling to make due with less in this economy?! Then, join us as we fight to prevent your property taxes from going up permanently!

Thank you for all you do to fight for lower taxes in Franklin County!