They thought they could fool you

Apr 7, 2014 by AFP
The Big Spenders are back at it in Concord.

After the Senate voted to increase the gas and diesel tax by 23%, the House is moving quickly to pass this major tax hike on you by cutting off debate on the issue!

House Speaker Terie Norelli chose to take the normal process of having two committees debate this bill and instead just have one hearing.  Moreover, she only let the public know about this one hearing last Friday – for a hearing that will be this Tuesday, April 8!  That means you only have one chance to speak out against this new raid on your wallet.

This gives you two chances to take action.

First, you can GO HERE to contact your representative and let them know that New Hampshire citizens can’t afford a 23% gas and diesel tax increase.

Additionally, you can attend the only hearing tomorrow and tell the committee yourself!  The legislation – SB 367 – will be heard at the Legislative Office Building in rooms 210-211 at 10 AM.

It’s time to tell our representatives that enough is enough with the massive new spending plans that destroying our New Hampshire Advantage