The EPA Will Devastate Jobs In Arkansas

Jun 10, 2014 by AFP

On Monday, June 2, the Obama administration announced the latest in its ideology-driven attack on traditional energy production — a new rule to cut carbon-dioxide emissions from coal- and gas-fired power plants across the United States. This proposed rule would cut as much as 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s power plants by 2030, based on 2005 emissions levels. Each state will have different percent reduction standards; the national average will be 25 percent by 2020 and 30 percent by 2030.

As you can see in the infograph above, these new regulations are going to be detrimental to Arkansas jobs and, in turn, economy. What about families and individuals that rely on these jobs. What about every single Arkansan that relies on electricity to live their daily lives? This new EPA tax will exponentially drive up the cost of powering homes. While household budgets are stretched too thin and the national economy literally shrinks, now is not the time to raise energy bills on American energy consumers.

A legislator that is supposed to represent Arkansas in DC is having a hard time understanding this. Please take the time to contact Senator Mark Pryor. Click here to tell Senator Pryor that it’s time to stand up for Arkansas instead of Washington, DC interests.