Testimony: York County Commissioner Zoning Meeting

Aug 8, 2014 by AFP

Last evening a sub-committee of the York County Commissioners held a meeting to discuss pipeline zoning regulations that were targeted at the Keystone XL pipeline.

At this public meeting the sub-committee neglected to allow for public testimony. Here’s the testimony AFP-NE Director Matt Litt planned on delivering to the sub-committee:

My name is Matt Litt and I am the Nebraska Director of Americans for Prosperity, a non-partisan, free-market advocacy organization, with more than 42,000 members statewide, seeking to improve the lives of Nebraskans through economic freedom. Thank you for the opportunity to speak this evening.

Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska opposes the proposed pipeline zoning.

This private infrastructure project has been under regulatory assault since 2009.

The commission should not further hinder a project that will create jobs for its constituents and other Nebraskans. Especially when one considers the safety measures TransCanada has taken to ensure this will be the safest, most advanced pipeline constructed to date. Report after report notes that not only is the line safe, but will have little to no environmental impact. There are also benefits to local government entities through the property taxes this project would generate. This could be used to provide relief to constituents or as the entities see fit.

As has been mentioned, this county already has more than 150 miles of pipelines, including lines that transport petroleum products. The KXL pipeline would be nothing new.

The commission should refrain from picking winners and losers through this pipeline zoning measure.

This is a common sense project for the vast majority of Nebraskans and Americans as a whole. Poll after poll shows support for this line being constructed.

This project will be beneficial to Nebraskans and the country as a whole.

Again, our organization opposes the proposed pipeline zoning and urges the commission to reject it. Thank you for your time this evening.