Could Doing Your Taxes Get Any Worse? Congress Is Trying Their Best

May 3, 2016 by AFP

This morning, The Daily Caller ran an oped by AFP Policy Analyst Eric Peterson that detailed a new plan to give more power to IRS bureaucrats. Click here to read the full story!


Large tax preparing firms hire tens of thousands of seasonal employees to protect Americans from the leviathan of our tax code and the frighteningly powerful bureaucrats at the IRS. What is often forgotten, however, is that the majority of those who prepare taxes aren’t the larger firms, but rather smaller “mom and pop” tax preparers.

Unfortunately, adding to the already massive headache of tax season, an unholy alliance between Congress, IRS bureaucrats, and special interests is considering a rule that would make life even harder for those small seasonal tax preparers.

The push started in 2011 when the IRS adopted regulations requiring all preparers to register with the IRS if they wanted to continue to their practice. This of course meant paying the IRS an annual fee for the privilege of receiving a preparer tax identification number, which was to be put on all tax forms they completed. Additionally, the IRS wanted to require all preparers to pass competency testing or continuing education, essentially creating a new occupational license for tax preparers.


Read the full oped by Eric Peterson at The Daily Caller.