Tax Day Message: Is One enrollee at $250K Worth It?

Apr 22, 2014 by AFP

On Tax Day April 15, 2014, AFP-Montana joined local Tea Party groups at the Montana State Capitol in Helena as well as in Gallatin County to voice concern about government overspending, overtaxing and overreach.   State Director Joe Balyeat gave two speeches highlighting recent alarming trends in Federal Government spending. Here are key points:

“First, specifically with respect to Obamacare spending, the Congressional Budget office estimates total cost at $1.798 trillion. Even if we grant the Obama administration’s high estimate of 7.2 million people signing up, this pegs the cost at $249,722 per person signed up…. Almost a quarter million dollars each!

Second, more generally with respect to the total national debt and recent government spending increases, the $17.58 trillion national debt is grossly understated because it does not include major unfunded liabilities of the Federal govt which any private sector company would certainly have to include in its balance sheet by law. The true total debt including unfunded liabilities is $146.288 trillion…. which works out to $1,264,642 for each and every taxpayer in the US! More than 1 ¼ million dollars in debt each.

Recently, over the last five months the national debt has been skyrocketing due to out-of-control Obama administration spending…. increasing $15,000 per taxpayer in just five months. That’s a $3,000 per month debt increase for each and every taxpayer in America.

Did you know that, even after spending every last cent that comes in through high taxes, federal deficit spendingexceeds that by $100 per day per taxpayer in the entire US?”