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Trade is a South Dakota issue.

Our livelihoods depend on it.

Trade supports 118,300 of our jobs.

Our farmers, business owners and factory workers all depend on imports and exports.1

In 2016, South Dakota exported $5.8 billion in goods and services.

Those exports are the crops we raise, the machinery we build and the services we provide.2

Trade helps fuel economic growth and provides more choices for South Dakota families.

Tariffs limit growth in South Dakota, plain and simple.

With trade, consumers can buy more products at a lower cost because the products were imported at a lower price.

But tariffs drive up the price of imported goods.

Tariffs on imported goods also lead to retaliation from our trade partners.

Those South Dakota jobs that rely on exports are affected by retaliatory tariffs.

Tariffs hurt growth.

By increasing the costs of goods and services, they destroy more jobs than they protect or create.

South Dakota needs free trade to thrive, not barriers to trade.

Tell Congress to Support Trade!