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Taker 1:Rep. Mark Abraham

For years, Rep. Mark Abraham has been voting to take more money out of the pockets of Louisianans. Instead of putting his constituents first, he chooses to raise taxes while our state economy shrinks and personal income goes down.

  • He voted to make life more expensive for Louisiana families by increasing sales taxes on many of the things Louisianans purchase every day – like a cup of coffee or clothes.
  • He voted to take more money out of hardworking Louisianans’ paychecks byraising income taxes.
  • He voted to make it harder for small businesses to succeed by raising taxes on businesses while our neighbors rolled back these harmful taxes.
  • He voted to make hunting and fishing more expensive by raising the fee for licenses.

Rep. Abraham’s track record of voting to make life harder for the people he’s supposed to be representing is why he’s part of the Taker’s Dozen. Tell Rep. Abraham it’s time to start putting us first.