Successful Entrepreneur Shares Her 5 Traits of Profitable People

Jan 10, 2017 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity Foundation “Passion to Profit” classes are helping participants achieve their dreams through free markets and the value of personal responsibility.

In a story that has become all too familiar, Mercedes graduated with a mountain of student loan debt. She later took a job in the pharmaceutical industry to pay off her debt and save money. Unfortunately, Mercedes lost her job in 2011, and faced a significant fork in the road.

Bravely, Mercedes decided to take the leap as an entrepreneur, her six month old child in tow, by opening a paint bar and art gallery. Since opening her first location, Mercedes has been able to open two studios, a mobile business, and a seasonal location. She has since been better able to pursue her other passion more freely: giving back to her community.

To give back to her local community, Mercedes recently taught one of the American’s for Prosperity Foundation’s “Passion to Profit” classes, focusing on the 5 traits of profitable people. If Mercedes’ story resonates with you (and it sure did with us!), we’ve included these 5 traits of profitable people below. We hope you’ll find them as useful as we have!

  1. Profitable people are passionate. This may be the most important trait- if you don’t care about your idea, why bother pursuing it. Mercedes’ story is a great example of the power of passion in helping your business succeed.
  2. Profitable people are patient and persistent. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your business. That’s why it’s key for individuals to have the patience to wait for success, and the persistence to keep going when things seem challenging.
  3. Profitable people are prepared. You might have a passion worth pursuing, but to succeed you’re going to need a plan. This means developing a business plan and asking the advice of friends and family to make sure you’ve thought of everything.
  4. Profitable people have a purpose. Turning a passion into a profit requires knowing where you’re going! If you truly want to go places with your dream, you have to decide where you’re going.
  5. Profitable people are capable of prioritizing. Every entrepreneur faces conflicting needs, especially early on in the life of the business when staff (and funding) is limited. That’s why profitable people know how to decide what’s important and make decisions accordingly.

If you found these tips helpful, or you’re inspired by Mercedes’ example, we’re happy to let you know that this is just a taste of the awesome, helpful guidance we offer through our “Passion to Profit” classes! Through “Passion to Profit,” as well as our other Bridge to Wellbeing classes, we’re helping Americans everywhere learn how to use their freedom to improve their lives.