Stop The Gas Tax Hike

Jan 30, 2015 by AFP

Governor Dayton seems to think so! Governor Dayton wants to add a 6.5% tax to your gas bill – a change that would cost hard-working Minnesotans like you 16 cents more per gallon! We need your help.

Just when middle-class families are starting to feel some relief with lower gas prices, the government wants to make sure they get their cut by hiking taxes on taxpayers like you. Here are 3 reasons why a gas tax hike is wrong for Minnesota:

  • Gas costs too much. Unlike millionaires such as Governor Dayton, middle-class families spend the biggest percentage of their income on gas — 20% on average!
  • A tax hike is unnecessary. The Minnesota budget already has a $1 billion surplus!
  • It would hurt the middle-class the most. Just as families are starting to feel relief at the pump, Governor Dayton’s gas tax would take it all away!

Send a letter to Governor Dayton and the legislature today! Tell them: Minnesota can’t afford another tax hike!