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South Dakota Needs to Eliminate Antiquated Regulations on Small Businesses

Feb 8, 2018 by AFP

The craft beer craze has swept across the United States over the last several years. These microbreweries are popping up everywhere and providing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for those who want to go into business.

According to the Craft Brewers Association, South Dakota has 15 microbreweries that have a yearly impact of $209 million. Those microbreweries provide for owners’ families, create job opportunities and provide business for their suppliers.

But Prohibition-era policies are stifling the success of these microbreweries. A production cap limits them to producing 5,000 barrels a year, and brewers can’t sell their products directly to retailers. Those regulations keep businesses from thriving.

SB 169 would allow breweries to sell directly to retailers and increase the production cap from 5,000 barrels a year to 20,000 30,000. This bill is good for South Dakota businesses, the workers they employ and the customers they serve.

Tell your lawmaker to support these pro-business reforms and more economic freedom for South Dakotans!