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Right-to-Work Benefits Missouri!

This year Missouri passed right-to-work, becoming the 28th state to protect workers from being forced join a union or pay union dues. Right-to-work gives workers the freedom to decide if a union is right for them.

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Key Facts About Right-to-Work

Right-to-work protects workers’ freedom

Before right-to-work was passed, Missourians could be forced to join a union and pay union dues. While a strong majority of Missourians supported right-to-work, “closed-shop” rules denied this basic freedom to thousands of workers. Workers could even be fired if they refused to join the union.

Right-to-work protects a worker’s basic freedom to choose whether to join a union.

Right-to-work lets workers decide who to support with their hard-earned money

Right-to-work ensures that workers aren’t forced to hand over their hard-earned money to unions, which is often used to support union-backed political activities with which they disagree. Most Americans believe that membership contributions, including political giving, should be voluntary.

Right-to-work protects workers from being forced to give their hard-earned money to union activities.

Right-to-work protects workers hard-earned money

For years Missouri workers were forced to pay union dues – whether they wanted union representation or not. No one should be forced to give their money to a union if they do not want union representation.

Right-to-work lets workers decide who they want to support with their hard-earned money.