Senator Hagan Splits the Difference while EPA Destroys Jobs

Jun 3, 2014 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity Asks Senator to Take a Stand for or Against the New Regulations

RALEIGH – Senator Hagan remains undecided about the EPA’s new carbon rules that will destroy over 200,000 jobs and which EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy admits are “unlikely” to affect climate change. Americans for Prosperity is asking Senator Hagan to either fully own the rules which she has supported in other forms in the past or stand up to the EPA on behalf of her constituents.

“Senator Hagan is playing a clever game of political jujitsu, claiming that she needs more time to evaluate the EPA’s new rules, but North Carolinians are looking for leadership and courage,” explained John Dudley, the North Carolina state director of Americans for Prosperity. “While Senator Hagan tries to have it both ways, coal-fired plants in North Carolina and across the nation are simply trying to figure out if they can survive and continue to employ their workers. The data is clear: passing these rules will cause massive economic hardship with no discernible environmental benefit. Senator Hagan has had plenty of time to study the issue. Now it’s time to lead or explain. North Carolina’s taxpayers are waiting.”

This is not the first time Senator Hagan has held a confusing position on an energy issue.  Last fall, AFP asked Senator Hagan to clarify her position on a federal carbon tax, as her votes and her statements on the issue were at odds.

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