Sen. Munzlinger Takes Yellow Pages Test covered in the Lewis County Press Journal

Jan 27, 2014 by AFP

Jefferson City, MO – Recently, Americans for Prosperity – Missouri was covered in the Lewis County Press Journal for delivering a yellow pages phone book to Senator Munzlinger’s office to highlight that, “If it’s in the Yellow Pages government should consider not doing it.”

Senator Munzlinger agreed that we must streamline government and look for ways to look to the private sector and non-for-profit organizations to provide more effective, cost efficient and better services to the taxpayers of Missouri.

AFP – Missouri unveiled its comprehensive policy document called the Path to Prosperity at the capitol.  The Path to Prosperity document is a project that takes a comprehensive approach at legislation in 9 key policy areas designed to create an economic environment in MO for long term sustainable job growth.

To coincide with this effort, AFP-Missouri highlighted its first of nine Legislative areas – Prosperity and Freedom by delivering 200 yellow pages to State Representatives and State Senators at the Missouri Capitol.  AFP-Missouri wants lawmakers to review state government priorities by applying the Yellow Pages Test.

The Yellow Pages test helps government concentrate on delivering “inherently governmental” services — those that should be performed by public employees, like public safety and judicial systems — while contracting with businesses and nonprofit organizations for other services.

“The purpose of the Yellow Pages test is to will help reduce the size of government, create jobs, and provide tax relief to Missouri families.  Springfield is fortunate to have a Representative like Brian Munzlinger who continues to advance free market solutions to the problems that face our state.”  Patrick Werner, State Director, Americans for Prosperity – Missouri.

For more information on our Path to Prosperity and what our members have prioritized for the 2014 legislative session please go to

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