School coalition complains about transparency

May 15, 2014 by AFP

Fast Growth Schools Coalition issued a paper complaining about Comptroller Susan Combs’ report on school construction costs.  It appears the Coalition believes that taxpayers aren’t smart enough to process the information on the Comptroller’s website.  The Coalition is a compilation of some school districts in the state, but the coalition calls itself a “grassroots organization”.  That’s an interesting definition for a group of taxing entities.  The organization is run by Dr. Michelle Smith, daughter of House Public Education Chairman Jimmy Don Aycock.

The report, written in conjunction with a school facilities design firm (of course) digs deep into the topic with a section titled Construction 101: Everything Costs Money.  That’s just in case we taxpayers are not smart enough to know that “everything costs money.”   Another topic was: “Explaining Texas.  Texas is big… 268,820 square miles big – that’s approximately the size of France.”

While we appreciate that information, the Fast Growth School Coalition report appears to be focused on explaining how local communities have the right to build whatever they want, the report fails at its apparent mission – to  discredit Compt Combs report.  The Comptroller’s report provides information we taxpayers may have interest In knowing.  If communities choose to spend more than the state average or more than a nearby district spends on facilities, that decision shouldn’t be made out of ignorance.  Transparency is a good thing – unless you don’t want the public to know something.