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Americans for Prosperity Kansas: Say Yes, Kansas To These 3 Crucial Issues

2022 & 2023 elections are coming up. Make sure your voice is heard on important issues like keeping Kansas courts impartial, lowering the Kansas tax rate, and regulatory reform in Kansas.

Are You Ready For Kansas Midterm Elections in 2022? Say Yes, Kansas to HCR 5014

1. HCR 5014 for Regulatory Reform

Kansans deserve:

Tell your Lawmakers: Cut the Red Tape!

Say, Yes Kansas to The Following Issues in Kansas Midterm Elections 2023

2. Keep Kansas Courts Impartial

Kansas is the only state in the nation where a majority of Lawyers (selected by Lawyers) chooses our Supreme Court. It is not accountable, not transparent and completely controlled by special interests.

Right now, unelected bureaucrats make rules and regs with the force of law and the legislative branch has no say. This change was made several decades ago and it’s not working. Let’s reset the balance of power to a commonsense check and balance to prevent government overreach.

Lawyers elect judges in Kansas- shouldn’t you have a say too?

Tell Lawmakers: Fix How Kansas Picks Judges!

3. Lower The Kansas Tax Rate

Kansans deserve more of their hard-earned money in their pocketbook

You earned it, you should keep it. Make it a tougher lift for the legislature to raise taxes on your money.

Tell Kansas Lawmakers: Stop the Tax Burden

What Can You Get Done At The Kansas Midterm Elections in 2022 & 2023?

We can get these things done with YOUR help. Help us ask the Kansas legislature to make common-sense and impactful changes. Then we need you to say YES to our state’s future on the ballot.

Want to see a Kansas that is truly prosperous and thrives for future generations? Let’s get it there!

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