Rich States, Poor States: 2014 Edition

Apr 15, 2014 by AFP

The American Legislative Exchange Council has released its 2014 Rich States, Poor States report. The report is an analysis of how states are performing in the economy and each state’s economic outlook.

According to the latest report, Kansas’ Economic Performance Rank is 32, based on our GDP, migration and employment rates. It’s slightly better than last year’s 35 ranking, so there is more to be done to improve our economic health in Kansas.

As for the state’s economic outlook, Kansas comes in at 15. The economic outlook rank is a forecast based on a number of policy variables, including tax rates, debt, size of government, and recently implemented changes to our tax code. It’s the second highest economic outlook rank for Kansas, as our state was given an 11 ranking in last year’s report.

Read the full Rich States, Poor States report here.