Rep. Ellmers Defeated By AFP’s Relentless Grassroots Initiative

Jun 7, 2016 by AFP

RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina touted Renee Ellmers’ defeat as the result of relentless volunteer pressure. For months, AFP mobilized constituents who were disappointed with Rep. Ellmers’ big spending record, ultimately knocking over 16,000 doors and making over 180,000 phone calls.

State Director Donald Bryson offered the following statement:

“Renee Ellmers lost her job because she abandoned the limited-government principles she originally espoused. It’s clear that 2nd district voters oppose her record of voting for special interests handouts and wasteful spending. Ellmers learned the hard way that North Carolinians care about principle more than politicians, and won’t keep politicians who become unprincipled.”

“Rep. Ellmers went to Congress and wasted no time becoming part of the Washington problem. While we congratulate Congressman George Holding, we’ll also urge him to continue to focus on cutting wasteful spending and ending special interest handouts. Americans for Prosperity will continue to hold politicians from both parties accountable to these basic principles of a free economy.” 


The final straw was Ellmers’s support for the Export-Import Bank, the ultimate example of crony capitalism

(Jon Swan, Koch group launches ground war against GOP lawmaker, The Hill, 5/26/16)

“This is also a warning shot for Washington,” Bryson told NPR. “we take corporate welfare very seriously.”

(Jessica Taylor, How A Tea Partier Became Its Villain — And Why She Could Lose Tuesday, National Public Radio, 6/6/16)

“Renee Ellmers, in 2009 and 2010, she came to AFP events and touted her conservative values,” said AFP president Tim Phillips. “And she hasn’t kept her word on that.”‘

(Catherine Ho, Here’s what happens when a tea party darling becomes the movement’s enemy, The Washington Post, 6/3/16)

As part of the Tea Party wave elected in 2010, Renee Ellmers promised to support limited government, reduced spending, and focus on the Constitution.
(Nedra Pickler, “Tea Party Republicans Tote Ambitious Promises To Washington,” Associated Press, 11/3/10)

While Running For Congress, Ellmers Toured The State With Americans For Prosperity.
(Rob Christensen, “Candidates Set Sights On Etheridge,” News & Observer, 01/18/10)

Ellmers In 2011: “The Government Should Not Be In The Business Of Picking Winners And Losers” 

(United States House of Representatives, 09/15/11) 

Ellmers In 2012: “The Federal Government Was Not Established To Make Sweetheart Deals And Pick Winners And Losers In The Private Sector.” 

(United States House of Representatives, 09/14/12)

Renee Ellmers voted in favor of reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank in 2015. 
(H.R. 597, Roll Call Vote #576: Passed 313-118: R 127-117; D 186-1, 10/27/15, Ellmers Voted Yea)

Renee Ellmers voted in favor of the 2014 Farm Bill. 
(H.R. 2642, Roll Call Vote #31: Passed 251-166: R 162-63; D 89-103, 1/29/14, Ellmers Voted Yea)

In Congress, Ellmers sided with leadership, taking positions on spending at odds with conservatives.(Jennifer Steinhauer, “In Siding With Leaders, Freshman Found A Voice,” The New York Times8/9/11)

At the end of 2013, Renee Ellmers voted in favor of the Murray-Ryan budget deal, which broke the spending caps in 2014 and 2015 and increased spending by $64 billion.
(H.J. Res. 59, Roll Call Vote #640: Passed 332-94: R 169-62; D 163-32, 12/12/13 Ellmers Voted Yea)
(Alicia Parlapiano, “How Congress Has Worked To Avoid The ‘Sequester’ Spending Caps,”The New York Times, 10/29/15)