RELEASE: New Ads Hold Udall and State Senators Accountable

Aug 13, 2014 by AFP
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, August 13, 2014
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 Americans for Prosperity Highlights How Udall Tried to Hide Cancellations

DENVER – Americans for Prosperity is not letting up its pressure on politicians who support ObamaCare. Today the grassroots organization announced two new television ads aimed at bolstering the group’s efforts to hold Senator Mark Udall and Jefferson County State Senators Andy Kerr, Cheri Jahn, and Jeanne Nicholson accountable for their support for ObamaCare. AFP’s ads reminds Coloradans that Senator Udall put pressure on state officials to report fewer insurance cancellations in the state and that the three State Senators supported the botched state implementation.

Watch AFP’s ad holding Senator Udall accountable

Watch AFP’s ad holding Sens. Kerr, Jahn, and Nicholson accountable

“It’s time for Senator Udall and State Senators Kerr, Jahn, and Nicholson to do their job and fight for Coloradans’ healthcare, not the bloated bureaucracies benefiting from this law,” explained Dustin Zvonek, Colorado State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “We are facing soaring insurance premiums and cancelled plans because of ObamaCare. It’s time for Senator Udall and State Senators Kerr, Jahn, and Nicholson to explain themselves. Senator Udall’s efforts to suppress inconvenient truths about the law are an embarrassment. Our State Senators should be fighting to fix this law, not setting up an “exchange” that dolls out lavish salaries and bonuses to poor performing government employees.”

It was reported that Senator Udall pressured state officials to report lower numbers of insurance policy cancellations in the state. Currently 335,000 Coloradans have been notified that their plan is or will be cancelled. The state health care exchange, Connect for Health Colorado, has been the source of controversy with lavish salaries and bonuses dolled out to the executive and other employees, despite the exchange’s failure to accomplish its core goals.

Zvonek continued: “Coloradans want their elected leaders to fight to let them keep their insurance and pay less for insurance. Senator Udall and State Senators Kerr, Jahn, and Nicholson have let us down. It’s time for them to start paying attention to what is happening to their constituents and working on their behalf, not their friends in the big government bureaucracies implementing this law.”

These are just the latest ads holding Senator Udall and the three Jefferson County State Senators accountable. In April Americans for Prosperity highlighted Senator Udall’s claim that he’d “I would vote for ObamaCare again” in the face of 335,000 Coloradans receiving notices of insurance cancellation. In June AFP began putting pressure on the Jefferson County State Senators to stop backing ObamaCare with 30-second and minute long TV ads.

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