re: last week

Jun 9, 2014 by AFP

Did you make it to the HUGE Americans For Prosperity Paycheck Protection rally with Michelle Malkin last week? We were joined by nearly 400 energized and concerned Pennsylvanians, much like yourself, who were able to stand up to the public sector unions in Harrisburg and tell them that Pennsylvanians don’t want the unions to get any more special treatment!

However, the fight doesn’t stop here. There are versions of the paycheck protection bill in both the House and Senate, and they’ll be considered very soon. It’s urgent that you tell your representatives how you feel.

Go here to tell your representatives to support paycheck protection!

This legislative fight could explode into a national issue like battles in Michigan and Wisconsin. Several states have enacted paycheck protection laws, including Arizona, Idaho, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Washington and the stand your friends and neighbors took with AFP in Harrisburg shows that this is an issue Pennsylvanians feel strongly about, too.
Right now, public sector unions in PA get their dues automatically deducted by the government. Americans for Prosperity thinks this is wrong and that’s why we are going to keep fighting for Pennsylvanians and encourage you to do the same!

Go here to let your elected officials know you want them to support paycheck protection and stand up to the union bosses.

Thank you to all of you who took time from your days to show up last week and let Harrisburg know that the moment is now to start building A Better Pennsylvania!