Rally On At The State Capitol!

Feb 18, 2014 by AFP

AFP Georgia activists joined side by side with Attorney General Sam Olens, Georgians For Health Care Freedom, tea party groups and others for an hour long stand against ObamaCare on the steps of the Capitol yesterday. The sun shone bright over head as over 100 activists, many sporting “AFP Light the Fire of FREEDOM!” tees, sent the unequivocal message to the Georgia General Assembly that the Welcome mat for ObamaCare should not be rolled out in Georgia. We rallied in support of House Bill 707, the Georgians For Health Care Freedom ACA Non-Compliance Act that restricts Georgia from using any State assets to implement the federal law we fundamentally disagree with. AFPs Joel Aaron Foster bellowed, “this is not about health care, it’s about government control over one of the most personal aspects of everyone’s life – their own health; it’s unsustainable and Georgia will not be commandeered and forced to float the bill on a law that was forced down our throats against our will!” DocsForPatientCare’s Dr. Brian Hill reminded the activists that, despite media demagoguery, we do not rally out of anger or hate but out of love for the well-being of our fellow man and concern that this law is hurting millions of people around the Country. Even as the rally went on, the pandering raged on inside the building on the Senate floor as State Senator Jason Carter took to the well to plead for an unsustainable Medicaid expansion to further a disastrous and broken ObamaCare law.

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