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AFP-Georgia Rallies Against Recklessness


Politicians say this $4 trillion proposal is about improving “infrastructure,” but it spends less than 5% of Americans’ tax dollars on improving roads and bridges. Instead, it allocates over 95% of the money to a wasteful partisan wish list of counterproductive policies that have nothing to do with “infrastructure.”

And how would Washington pay for it? With historic tax hikes that would worsen our devastated economy, hurt workers’ wages, crush small business – only to fall far short of actually paying for the partisan spending spree.

This proposal would also:

We can rebuild our economy, make improvements to infrastructure, and address other critical needs without massive tax increases and trillions in new spending.

JOIN US on throughout the month of May, June and July as we rally with our Congressman and elected officials all around Georgia to discuss the wasteful Infrastructure bill being proposed by the Biden Administration and the harm that it will cause to our state and country!



When: June 7, 2021 6:00 PM

Where:1450 Greene St Suite 600, Augusta, GA 30901

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When: June 10, 2021 5:30 PM

Where:1 Meeting Place, Valdosta, Georgia 31601

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Here in Georgia, we have worked to fight local, state, and federal issues that have held back our communities from realizing their full potential. Throughout our chapter’s existence, these issues have materialized as local tax increases, state-wide K-12 education reform, and even the promotion of Senator David Perdue.

In the past year alone, our team in Georgia was active in communities around the Peach State to fight for the U.S. Senate by supporting Senator Perdue. Our staff and activists volunteered time out of their day to inform fellow Georgians about the good work that Mr. Perdue had done in Washington D.C. and explain why the fight for the Senate was so vitally important. We ended up knocking over 1.1 million doors and made more than 5 million phone calls as we fought in one of the most watched primary and runoff elections in recent memory.

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In 2021, we worked with our communities to lobby under the gold dome, and saw great success in Criminal Justice Reform, Healthcare, and Education. As the session in Georgia has concluded, we turn our attention to an even bigger problem: the reckless Biden Infrastructure Bill.

And we need all hands on deck…

I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong. – Frederick Douglass