Obama's Climate Change Crowd Pushing Hard In GA – By Joel Aaron Foster

Jul 23, 2014 by AFP

Obama’s cronies on the Radical Left are so desperate to prop up the Environmental Protection Agency’s naked power grab that they are literally renting a crowd for their protest of energy freedom to shill for Obama’s job killing, energy cost spiking agenda at their rally in Atlanta this Tuesday.

The Left will tell you their strategy to attack individual freedom and what they fear most if you listen and watch closely. On Tuesday, July 29, they have no greater fear than a fear that grassroots energy freedom activists will rally from around Georgia and the southeast outside the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters in Atlanta for Americans for Prosperity’s Stop The EPA Power Grab Rally (outside the Sam Nunn Federal Building, Alabama Street side at 61 Forsyth Street, SW, Atlanta Georgia). A whose who of the Far Left’s radical environmentalists and climate alarmists are organizing to stand for one of government’s biggest power grab maneuvers to date – newly proposed EPA rules that will cause electricity rates to skyrocket in Georgia and kill thousands of jobs.

The Left-wing Sierra Club, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and a network of nearly 20 outside groups have a scheduled a rally in Woodruff Park to counter the Americans for Prosperity rally and a march toward the EPA headquarters at the Sam Nunn Building around 2pm. We must be there to greet them. The Sierra Club’s rent-a-mob Obama cronies are busing activists from around the South (including Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville,Columbia, Greenville, Lexington, Louisville, Asheville, Birmingham and Nashville) for the big government push and the public hearing. They are even offering to pay for hotel rooms for those who agree to participate. Several of our own Americans for Prosperity activists are working to take them up on their hospitality and riding to Atlanta for our Stop the EPA Power Grab Rally on Sierra Club buses with the built in bonus of a captive audience for conversion. To find a bus near you from cities around the southeast please click HERE.

Similar efforts by Americans for Prosperity grassroots allies have met with pushback and red tape from bully bureaucrats in the last couple weeks. As Kentucky resident Alex DeSha worked to bring a bus of activists to Georgia for the rally, they were reminded by EPA that new rules meant they would have to provide more than just a driver’s license to cross outside of Kentucky if they planned to rally against the proposed EPA rules in Georgia.

This week, AFP Georgia staff learned that building administration employees for the Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Building, the site of the EPA headquarters in Atlanta, had misread AFP’s permit application to award a competing permit to the Sierra Club for a rally promoting the job killing proposed EPA rules. Despite clear language on the application that stated the rally was to be held at the “front of building sidewalk area”, building officials slated the AFP rally for a side street around the corner from the front of the building. Nevertheless, the Stop the EPA Power Grab Rally is on and we will only be larger and louder!

Nationally, Politico sources report the Left-wing League of Conservation Voters is gearing up to spend $250,000 on a TV ad campaign trying to paint opponents of the EPA rules, like Americans for Prosperity and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as “dirty, desperate and dangerous” and “blowing smoke”. This classic smoke-and-mirrors approach is aimed at silencing energy freedom voices by attacking them rather than dealing with the facts. The inconvenient fact that EPA’s own data suggests that, for all the pain the newly proposed carbon dioxide reduction rules will cause, they will probably lower global temperatures by less than 1 degree Celcius in the next 100 years.

The Left continues to hide their big government agenda behind bully tactics and misinformation but the movement for energy freedom is on in Georgia and the voices of common sense Georgians must cut through the noise of the Left on Tuesday.